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Name: Laura Griego
Date: 06/29/07
Message: Thanks to Giant rescue. I thank God for you people and what you do. I rescued my giant from th pound in albuquerque and I absolutely am in love with him. God blee you all. Lori

Name: Samantha Killebrew
Date: 06/02/07
Message: I am investigating this breed as a companion to my two sons. We live on a 7 acre farm up here in Humboldt and I'm looking for a breed that will stick to them like glue. I grew up with terriers and love their personalities!

Name: Tyler Ramey
Date: 03/25/07
Message: Keep up the great work. The rescue organization that treats both me and my Giant with the courtesy and kindness that we deserve is going to get my support. I'd love to speak to a rescue representative to share OUR story. Best wishes, TR

Name: Laura S
Date: 01/04/07
Message: I just found your site and I am very happy to see yet another rescue site for Giants. I own one big boy named Dant'e and in the future, would love to adopt more. I'm hooked! Thank you so much for your efforts to find these angels wonderful homes!

Name: Familie Hellmeister
Date: 12/14/06
Message: Hello from germany, we wish you a happy christmas and a very sucessfull 2007! You have a very nice site and your dogs look very good. Best wihes from eyk-vom-hatzbachtal.de and family hellmeister

Name: Britta
Date: 11/28/06
Message: This is my first chance to really look through the site. I really like it. There are also a bunch of good tips here for people who already have a Giant or any other pet. I like the friendly atmosphere on this site as well. And as always, I admire your rescue work. Britta

Name: Eatnahcw@yahoo.com
Date: 08/26/06
Message: Looking for a giant that wants a family. Have two older children, a mini and a cat. Have had giants before. If you find one that neeeds a home, please email us. thanks

Name: Lauralyn Vasquez
Date: 07/30/06
Message: Family of 5 looking for a non shedding large dog to bring into our home forever. We are highly active, running, walking hiking and at the beach on a regular basis. We have always had labs but have been without for the last few years. We are ready to add to our family are are looking for the right fit. I and my husband are home most of the day and we home school two of our three daughters. Please let me know if a female Schnauzer comes your way. We would love to see if we bond (which I'm sure we will.) Thanks Lauralyn VAsquez

Name: Elizabeth Olson (website designer)
Date: 06/23/06
Message: This site has been such a joy to work on and to watch grow from a seed of an idea in Karalyn and Debbie's minds to a full-fledged, informative, and fun place to visit. Debbie has taken over site maintenance, and has added many fabulous pictures of these magnificent dogs at work, at play, and at home with their best buddies. Your group is doing wonderful work on behalf of these animals and the people who love them.

Name: sheepdip
Date: 05/22/06
Message: Thanks for doing rescue. Schnauzers rule. Bill & Juliana

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If you want to adopt, please use the Contact Us page, NOT the Guest Book. Anything you post on the Guest Book is PUBLIC INFORMATION!

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